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  1. Frustrated Pedestrian:
    05.06.2009 04:48
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    How do u get a 5 by 5 column like 5 on top and 5 on the side??

  2. Some guy:
    05.06.2009 05:42

    To get five column u add SOS iPhone source then search five it should be easy to find

  3. andrew:
    05.06.2009 07:27
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    My iPhone Is stuck on 5 rows vertically. But I can't see the app to toggle it off or on. Please help me!!

  4. Frustrated Pedestrian:
    05.06.2009 15:25
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    Ok but do I have to download the SOS iPhone package or is it already downloaded

  5. Mr Potato:
    06.06.2009 21:22
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    Hey I got the 5 rows down, looks amazing but I was on YouTube and Ironman333333 said there was a tweak for volume boost but I can't find it, so I was wondering since you helped me with the 5 rows deal if u could help me out with this tweak??

  6. Yo:
    15.06.2009 17:00
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    Ok it won't let me move the icons what's up it that!!! I hold my finger down on them and they have the x on them where you can delete them but ever since I got this app it won't let me move icons!!!

  7. Patrick Thompson:
    20.06.2009 09:30
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    Any chance this is going to be updated to 3.0?

  8. Frank:
    21.06.2009 05:16
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    You need an update because now we are in 3.0 firmware Thanks a lot

  9. Vadim:
    23.06.2009 01:36

    3.0 compatible version is needed. Thanx in advance.

  10. drpeppir:
    23.06.2009 04:54

    Is this app going to be available for 3.0?

  11. Gao:
    24.06.2009 20:31
    No Rating

    Can this app use in OS 3.0?

  12. Vmrclean:
    24.06.2009 23:59
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    Is there any way that this package will be fixed for 3.0 because it's having issues by making apps overlap each other in the top right hand corner?

  13. MacFlagg:
    25.06.2009 06:06

    I can't seem to get it to work properly on OS 3.0. There are gaps and in the upper right hand corner several apps stack ontop of one another. Will there be an update soon that will fix this?

  14. Pinoy:
    27.06.2009 20:53

    Can't wait 4 d update. But I heard if u dnt use five icon dock it works fine.

  15. Aj:
    28.06.2009 07:13

    What theme is on the bottom

  16. Jack:
    29.06.2009 03:11

    3.0 PLEASE!!

  17. BigE:
    29.06.2009 05:04
    No Rating

    3.0 please! please! please!

  18. Delispice:
    29.06.2009 13:45
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    3.0 Plz Plz Plz.

  19. Amir:
    30.06.2009 05:53

    Thx for the great app but we all need 3.0 version

  20. Anon:
    01.07.2009 21:54
    No Rating

    3.0...anytime now...great product but doesn't really matter if it doesn't work.

  21. Aman :
    02.07.2009 04:30
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    The makers of fiveIrows, can you guys make this app compatible with the OS: 3.0 beacuse lots people NEED it on on 3.0. Makers of 5 colulm spring board already made their app compatible with 3.0.

  22. Ryan:
    03.07.2009 07:56
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    3.0 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)

  23. Tico:
    04.07.2009 19:52
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0

  24. moe:
    05.07.2009 00:37
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    Why does it uninstall five icon dock? I was so happy that you updated. But now I can't use it! Please update!!!!!

  25. Pissed guy:
    05.07.2009 06:03
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    Let us use 5 icon dock!!!! I need to use them to keep space

  26. nick:
    05.07.2009 07:38
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    When I install this it removes five icon dock. When I install five icon dock it removes this. I'm on 2.2.1. Please fix.

  27. Ugh:
    05.07.2009 09:41
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    Umm can u post previous version before update? Deleted my five icon dock in firmware 2.2.1 and no I'm not updating to 3.0 OS cause it slows my iPod and craps my wifi

  28. Kent:
    05.07.2009 10:01
    SternSternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    After install this ,cannot install five icon dock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ramzi:
    05.07.2009 17:39
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    Yeah please make it compatible with five icon dock. Thanks :)

  30. Charel:
    05.07.2009 19:20
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    It deletes FiveIconDock beacuse if you have installed Five Icon Dock your springboard will crash. A Update of Five Icon Dock is on the way. If you are on 2.2.1 you can download the old version here: http://cydia.touch-mania.com/zips/FiveIRowsnorm.zip

  31. Shovel71:
    05.07.2009 21:04
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    Everytime I install 5irows it removes 5 icon dock, if I reinstall 5 icon dock it removes 5irows?? Any help or suggestions? I had 5 icon dock, 5irows, & 5 column sb with 2.1 now problems with 3.0 on iPhone 3g!

  32. Shovel71:
    05.07.2009 21:06
    No Rating

    Sorry guys just read all comments above mine!!

  33. Ugh:
    05.07.2009 21:29
    No Rating

    thanks for the link, but how would we install that?

  34. Donny:
    08.07.2009 02:04
    No Rating

    Is there any way to get this with a five icon dock as well it's mad annoying

  35. Chukuchuku:
    08.07.2009 02:54
    SternSternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    Hey wats the full SOS thing so I can use it on source

  36. James:
    09.07.2009 05:11

    Hi is it compatible with 3.0 on the 3GS please ? If not when an update is going to be available ? Thanks a lot

  37. Trumain:
    09.07.2009 18:32

    Sick app just need it for 3.0 thank alot

  38. Vadim:
    10.07.2009 22:28
    No Rating

    Are You sure FiveIconsDock will get an update? Does Saurik confirmed this info? Thanx.

  39. Frank:
    12.07.2009 18:41
    No Rating

    Now this application works great but the space between the first and the second row is not the same than the other one. Please fix thanks in advance.

  40. NicBoi:
    12.07.2009 19:09
    No Rating

    Um u can't have 5 icon dock tho

  41. Noypi:
    12.07.2009 21:17
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    The update is working but the icon spacing is not even below the first row. Does anyone have the same prob?

  42. Vadim:
    13.07.2009 00:51
    No Rating

    Same problem with spacing. Looks terrible. Any fix coming?

  43. Twizzer90:
    13.07.2009 02:20
    No Rating

    it still doesn't work on the 2nd gen touch. Still removes...

  44. James:
    13.07.2009 06:55
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    Hi this app is brilliant and I got the five column and five row tweaks but when I install fiveirow five icon dock is deleted still even after your update saying that it is compatible now. So how do I get the springboard to have 25 icons (5 rows and 5 columns) and also have the five icon dock. Thanks pls reply.

  45. KennyMavkornick:
    13.07.2009 14:48

    Is this compatible with 3.0 and/or 3GS? Thx

  46. Alex:
    14.07.2009 08:42
    No Rating

    I'm trying to get this 5 rows thingy off, when I do uninstall, it goes through the process, and restart the springboard, but no changes happen... How do I get rid of it? Cool app though, just not for me thanks

  47. Eric:
    18.07.2009 09:25
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    v1.4 fixed the conflit with Five icon dock but the spacing between the first and second row is messed up, the label of the first row and the icons of 2nd row is overlapping. Please fix it, thanks.

  48. _qp_:
    18.07.2009 18:59
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    Yes, i confirm the issue in the spacing between the first and the second row.. Fix it please..

  49. 10ika:
    20.07.2009 19:31
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    I'm also having issues with the first and second row spacing. Thanks for fixing the compatibility issue.

  50. John:
    24.07.2009 05:38
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    They say It doesn't conflict with the five icon dock but it does!! It makes it so the second row overlaps the first rows labels... >:(

  51. Charel:
    28.07.2009 23:44
    No Rating

    It does not conflict on FW 3.0

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