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  1. Navin:
    31.05.2009 00:54
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    How do I turn it on or off instead of installing and uninstalling??

  2. Gi-lo:
    31.05.2009 11:19
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    with the new toggle app;)

  3. Onizuka13:
    01.06.2009 02:20

    Hmm how can I make main like picture2 with 5rows and 5 icons?

  4. Tanner:
    03.06.2009 00:48
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    I can't get it to show up. After I downloaded it then I don't know what to do.

  5. Mowd:
    04.06.2009 05:18
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    I don't like winterboard. I like the previous version without it.

  6. Loph12:
    11.06.2009 08:53

    You, the five column maker, and the 1*1 maker should make an app where you can choose 1-5 rows and 1-5 columns. Dontcha think?

  7. Jaa ga:
    20.06.2009 23:32
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    Dosent work for me:( help pleAse. Only gets four rows and one row is emty, can't put icons their. And then 3-4 icons is over each other in the right upper corner. Help?

  8. Gebara:
    21.06.2009 06:15
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    Doesn't work with 3.0 yet...

  9. Jaa ga:
    21.06.2009 09:09
    No Rating

    Like I thoght. Thx anyway

  10. TonyD:
    21.06.2009 10:29
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    Works fine if you uninstall 5 icon dock...

  11. Frank:
    22.06.2009 14:32
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    You need an update as soon as possible because nobodies use the 2.2.1 firmware it's now the 3.0.

  12. jon:
    22.06.2009 18:55
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    anyone have an update for the 3.0 or how they got it to work. i need the 5 icon dock installed for my theme ??

  13. Vadim:
    23.06.2009 01:34

    Thanx for great tweak. Awaiting 3.0 compatible version.

  14. Josh :
    23.06.2009 02:29
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    Doesn't work with 3.0. You should also make the page dots fit with the icons because then you'd have the page dots covered

  15. Vadim:
    23.06.2009 21:40
    No Rating

    You can put dots on top. Use winterboard.

  16. Jose:
    23.06.2009 22:29
    No Rating

    Where do I find Fivelrows? I need it for a theme Chris (KRS) Created. It's called Winvista Playa Inav [KRS]. Can anyone help?

  17. Dbnaruto:
    24.06.2009 12:20
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    iPod Touch 2G - OS 2.2.1 When I installed this, the Icon did not show up. I just down graded from OS 3.0 but I don't think this would effect it

  18. unesco6590:
    27.06.2009 01:47
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    When can this greatful app can be installed perfectfully in Firmware 3.0 with being Five Icon Dock and Five Column Springboard installed?

  19. Real fantasy:
    27.06.2009 05:56

    Hope an update for 3.0 will be soon!

  20. Boricua:
    27.06.2009 13:26

    :-( is. 3.0. :-( .

  21. Elducker:
    28.06.2009 03:49
    No Rating

    Really looking forward to 3.0 compatability!

  22. TT:
    29.06.2009 06:57

    after download then what shoul i need to do?

  23. Cyrus :
    29.06.2009 11:04
    No Rating

    Also waiting for 3.0 Thanks.

  24. Shey:
    30.06.2009 00:30
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    When will this be compatible with 5 icon dock on 3.0 because I rly want 5x5+5

  25. James:
    30.06.2009 05:35
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    It does not work with 5 icon dock. If you uninstall it then fivelrows will work fine. Can you please fix this cause I want both five rows and 5 icon dock

  26. FlipTaco:
    02.07.2009 19:59

    Have you guys ever considered that maybe it's the 5 icon dock that needs to be fixed and not 5 rows?

  27. Jake:
    04.07.2009 10:20
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    How soon can we expect a working FiveIRows on iPhone 3.0?

  28. Mike:
    05.07.2009 07:19
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    WTF? Why does it uninstall five Icon dock?! I want the second picture

  29. Filipe:
    05.07.2009 11:23
    No Rating

    Five dock icon unisntall ??? Warum

  30. Fern:
    05.07.2009 11:51
    No Rating

    Why when install fiverow automatic unistall five icon dock viseversa

  31. S:
    05.07.2009 12:39
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    Don't work on 3gs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. teo:
    05.07.2009 15:39
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    please update fivel for 3gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. teo:
    05.07.2009 15:41
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    winterboard crash the iphone 3gs.....attention

  34. Mr.face:
    05.07.2009 15:49
    No Rating

    WTF holmes...this package deletes five icon dock yet your second screenshot has five rows, five columns and shockingly, five icon dock. Explain

  35. Almarmon:
    05.07.2009 16:22
    No Rating

    Stack needs five icon dock. Fiveirows crash to stack in this version. I prefer the previous version. I can't use stack and five icon in the dock. Only four icon. Why?

  36. Dgunz:
    05.07.2009 19:03
    No Rating

    It didn't conflict with the dock until you added the dam update.

  37. Charel:
    05.07.2009 19:18
    No Rating

    It deletes FiveIconDock beacuse if you have installed Five Icon Dock your springboard will crash. A Update of Five Icon Dock is on the way.

  38. Charel:
    05.07.2009 19:21
    No Rating

    If you are not on 3.0 download this file: http://cydia.touch-mania.com/zips/FiveIRows.zip

  39. Ste:
    05.07.2009 21:44
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    Charel when update fivelrows for 3gs????thank u

  40. Mike:
    06.07.2009 05:09
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    @ EVERYONE- listen up, I got the fix for the 5 icon dock. install 5 icon dock, copy it to your compter throught SSH, it should be in libraries/mobilesubstrate/dynamic libraries (or something like that, not 100% sure). than, install the 5irows. then, SSH the 5 icon dock back in. problem solved.

  41. Fabian:
    06.07.2009 11:49
    No Rating

    why have FivelRows GUI a conflict with Five Icon Dock?

  42. Kamil:
    06.07.2009 20:42

    What's the theme on the second picture???

  43. Fons:
    06.07.2009 21:33
    No Rating

    What's the theme for the first image?really nice looking

  44. Aj:
    07.07.2009 23:14
    No Rating

    Dose anyone know the names for these themes if u do email me [email protected]

  45. danny:
    08.07.2009 10:37
    No Rating

    Please, I really want to use this program together five icon dock. As soon so possible fix it up.

  46. Turote almaraz:
    10.07.2009 02:53
    No Rating

    This is a good theme for the dock but I don't like the fact that it messes with the five icon dock. I like having five rows and five column and five icon dock. I shouldn't have upgraded to the new version of the five rows. ;(

  47. Brian:
    11.07.2009 07:00

    Man,leave this poor person alone about the 3.0 issue. I bet it's really difficult to fix. I also bet they have more important things to do than put 5 icons on everyones iPods.

  48. Lol:
    12.07.2009 19:42
    SternSternSternSternkein Stern

    Three point oh!!!!

  49. Danilo:
    12.07.2009 20:41
    No Rating

    Now the second row covers the first row's icon names... It sux!! Please fix that.

  50. DeadKid:
    12.07.2009 22:13
    No Rating

    iPod touch 1.g fiveIriws still in conflict with five icon dock...

  51. Becky:
    12.07.2009 22:55

    Great job Gilo!! But I do have to second the comment about the first row icon labels being obscured by the second row icons. Hope you have time to look at this minor issue soon. Other than that-great work!

  52. dudericious:
    13.07.2009 00:05

    Pictures should really reflect what the application currently can do. An issue currently prevents the combination of five icon dock ... So ... Don't show that it works.

  53. Vadim:
    13.07.2009 01:05
    No Rating

    So long waiting and... Ups. Pls fix spacing problem.

  54. Hazb:
    14.07.2009 06:17
    No Rating

    Hey hey it still have problms with 5dock icons....

  55. YO!:
    15.07.2009 01:25
    Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Sternkein Stern

    It's still having a problem with 5 icon dock. Please fix soon.

  56. Raul_america:
    15.07.2009 06:48
    SternSternSternkein Sternkein Stern

    Does it work on the 3gs yet???

  57. a patient consumer:
    16.07.2009 17:51

    Brian: I generally agree with the sentiment you expressed, especially since the whiners leaving bitchy comments aren't willing to express anything without mangling the syntax of their words in simply unspeakable ways, BUT This guy hasn't said a single thing about whether he intends to update it or not. I don't think he's a bad person for this. But if he could post the tweak in the first place it just seems unprofessional and slightly inconsiderate to keep the people who use it in the dark about whether or not to expect an update.

  58. Jon:
    16.07.2009 20:52

    It works just reinstall five I con dock

  59. nico:
    21.07.2009 01:07
    No Rating

    Why does it uninstall five icon dock? Please fix it...thnx

  60. N/A:
    24.07.2009 00:41
    No Rating

    The first row should be moved 2px up, it'll crash for 2px with the second row. Please fix padding

  61. nikOlay:
    27.07.2009 07:52

    PROBLEM:The latest version 2.0.1-1 of FiveIRows isnt compatible with Five Icon Dock. Infact, if u have five icon dock already install and update/install the latest version of fiveirows, it will uninstall five icon dock and vice-versa. so is the latest version of five icon dock now compatible with fiveirows? NO!!! and waiting for an update takes forever ..SO here is a VERY GOOD SOLUTION: 0. Uninstall both FiveIRows and Five Icon Dock completely. In Cydia 1. Tap ‘Search’ on the toolbar along the bottom 2. In the Search bar, type ‘PwnCenter’ 3. Install the PwnCenter source package 4.Install “FiveDockRows” (This one installs both fiveirows no gui and five icon dock which are compatible with each other) Problem SOLVED …. nikOlay

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